H Street Festival

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Decided to do something different tonight and write a blog post for a change! 

Now, I am not a big writer, and let's face it, I did not grow up speaking English, so I can't promise you it's going to be great, but I thought I would give it a try.

A few weeks ago, I went to the H Street Festival in NE Washington DC to meet up with other photographers to take pictures. I am not a great street photographer so I went there without expectations and really for the experience and in the hopes that if I continue to expose myself to these type of events and opportunities that I might eventually get better at it.

I got to the festival and it was SUPER crowded as it was a gorgeous day outside! After walking for a while to find my group I started shooting....

There were many stages and music events. This Skull made out of soda cans had a music scene around it! It drew quite a crowd!

Crazy skull made out of soda cans!!!

As we continue to walk one of our fellow photographers wanted to eat something so as she was standing in a long line for food, I was in the street looking around for anything interesting around... (remember, I am not a great street photographer!!!)

Then I noticed this bird on top of this corner street building!

Bird on top of Building

And as I looked further I thought this building with the "Fleur de Lis" looked pretty cool too, especially with the purple neon around it!

Building with Fleur de Lis

After the break we kept walking down the street and found a couple more interesting items. Well, I think they were interesting, but you might not! Let's hope you find it interesting too!

Here is the H Street NE sign, oh and did I mention that this entire area of H street has been redone and looks GREAT!!!! AND they will start running a STREET CAR on H street. (It looks like the Dutch street cars I grew up with, by the way!)

H Street NE Sign

MLK on Store Front

MLK on Store Front

The Festival also had many stands selling items, this pottery stand caught my eye due to the colors and shapes.


Then there was this really cool stand selling steel letters, small one, medium ones and some bigger ones... Many were just in random order BUT we found a few in a great order!

SOL into the SUN!!!

H Street!!!

H Street!

I just had to take a picture of this guy... He was just perfectly hanging out of his food truck window showing off his tattoos on his arm! There was just something about him and his entire look...

After the festival I decided to stick around the city for a little while longer and take some images of the Capitol Building and the Mall during sunset...

I will write another post about that!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.






Project MCP April Challenge #3 - Blooming

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This week's challenge was "blooming" so I got to shoot my favorite subject - flowers. This however ended up being more challenging than expected due to many of the early spring flowers already being done blooming and the summer blooming flowers not being here yet... However are the last minute this morning I noticed these wonderful "balls" of flowers at a neighbors front yard so this evening I decided to go check it out and take picture of them. I have no idea what plant it is but they are beautiful blooming "balls" and I hope you enjoy the picture.




April Project MCP Challenges

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So, April is here and I can't believe we are actually already almost in mid-April! Here are the challenges that I was given for April and since I was traveling the first weekend of April (Easter Weekend) I am a week behind, but I hope to catch up!

April, Challenge #1 – Illustrate the following in a photo: Showers/Wet

April, Challenge #2 – Take a picture using a shallow depth of field

April, Challenge #3 – Interpret the following in a photo: Blooming

April, Challenge #4 – Get Low. Lie Down on the ground and shoot above


Since I was having some challenges getting the first challenge done (and I REALLY wanted to do the challenges in order this month!) plus I missed last week, I decided to for now skip that one and move on to Shallow Depth of Field. This is actually one of my favorite things!! So I took out my 50mm lens that goes all the way down to a 1.8 f-stop to get a great shallow depth of field. Of course I decided to take one of my favorite subject matters for this picture as well, flowers. Here is the result, I hope you like it!




April Challenge - Depth of Field

MCP Project March Challenge #4 - Guess What?

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So the fourth challenge of the month proved to be the most challenging for me as it needed to be a a VERY close up picture of an item so that it became almost unrecognizable. The problem is that I do not own a Micro lens (yet) so getting a really close up to the subject was really not possible.  I am hoping to get a micro lens really soon, but I was not able to get it in time for this challenge as it is quite an investment. So instead for this challenge I took a picture with my regular lens and cropped the picture to get to the details. It is not a great picture but it is the best I could get with the gear I have.


March Challenge #4 - Guess What?


Project MCP March Challenge #2 - Natural Light

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So this week I thought I would use the natural light challenge and walk around the neighborhood to take some pictures of the spring flowers coming out. I really love taking pictures of flowers so figured it should be relatively easy. Saturday came rolling around and it rained ALL day pretty much, oh oh... now what! I am certainly not taking my nice new camera out in the rain trying to get natural light shots of flowers, plus I don't think my son would have been up for it either!!! So I guess I just keep my fingers crossed that Sunday will be a better day and that I can convince my son to take a walk with me at some point during the day :)

Thankfully today, later in the day, the sun started shining and I was able to convince my son to take a walk to the nature trail and the nature center and told him that he also needed to assist me in finding nice flowers in the neighborhood to take pictures of. On our walk we saw four deer and lots of tadpoles in the pond at the nature center and my son enjoyed being outside. And I got to take some pictures of flowers, one of my favorite subjects! So here is my submission for the Natural Light Challenge.



March Challenge #2 - Natural Light

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